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Positive Behavior through Data

Carrot is a simple web app that lets educators instantly share updates on student behavior from their phones or computers. Carrot also features text and email notifications, so teachers, administrators, and parents can collaborate to encourage positive behavior.

Carrot makes student behavior management more timely, more holistic, and more positive. Carrot helps identify negative behaviors early, so teachers can provide support and avoid disciplinary action, which takes a huge toll on student achievement.

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Powering Student Achievement

One out-of-school suspension doubles a student's chances of dropping out, according to a UCLA study. Students with two suspensions have only a 49 percent graduation rate. But Los Angeles schools reduced suspension rates by 37.5 percent in just one year by focusing on positive encouragement.

Data collection is an essential part of positive behavior programs such as PBIS. Carrot helps educators maximize their results through instant, seamless, collaborative student behavior management.

Try Carrot Now

Our team built a Carrot prototype in under two days to win Startup Weekend EDU Chicago. Use the teacher demo to see incoming student behaviors. Input a student behavior, and watch it show up in the administrator demo.

We'd love to know what you think about Carrot. Contact us to share your feedback. Educators, please take our student behavior management survey.

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